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residential retrofits

With a “Do no harm” mantra, residential retrofits come alive.

People age, community’s age and your home ages. That’s a fact.That however is not a “sentence” of lengthy unhappiness for you in your tired home.

kc&b build along with its sister division kc&b geoexchange can breathe new life into the dated looks, changed functionality and discomfort of your once dream home. Whether the family has grown and left home or you are needing that extra space for a growing family or simply have a new passion or hobby requiring more space-kc&b build can provide suggestions and solutions.

With expertise in ventilation, air flow, affordable heat sources and other mechanical home functions, kc&b delivers.

With a successful list of clientele currently enjoying the new function and comfort of a successful retrofit, why not join the list and add real value, real comfort and real design upgrades to your space.