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interior design

Affecting the quality of life for the people it’s designed for. 

Designs are created in response to and coordinated with the building shell-and its future occupants. Long gone are the days of flowery green linoleum underpinning a “matching” bold rose and green arm chair, jadeite dishware and the console television.  

While sufficient for that period, times have evolved. Disposable income has risen, consumers are more demanding, and gratefully, materials, designs and concepts have evolved.

The kc&b design team is passionate about what they do. Interior design begins with the initial consultation with the client. Again, the “whole home” concept. The finished product can never be an afterthought or developed solely after the physical build is complete. Our team is constantly researching, travelling, inquiring and testing new ideas. Concepts and designs incorporated into our show homes speak for themselves and birth new ideas for the client.

From space planning, lighting effects, aesthetics and function, using a variety of vendors our design team works with you to meet budgetary and aesthetic concerns to source and implement quality products. Personal attention along with clear and regular communication will ensure you are satisfied long after move in date.