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project leadership

Creating high-performance teams by communicating vision.

Project leadership focuses on establishing direction for the future, communicating through vision, and develop high performance teams. Ultimately, this adds value and quality to every project we undertake.

John Maxwell in his book The 360 Degree Leader, provided one of the simplest and profound explanations of the distinction between a manager and a leader. He stated that manager’s work with processes and leaders work with people. 

kc&b concept has a well-developed program whose motto might well be, “we build people that build homes”. This is done through careful hiring practices which focus not only on trade skill sets but also on character. Inherent leadership qualities are looked for, sought out and cultivated from within our ranks.  

Our goal and constant work in progress is to attract the right professionals, train them and obtain buy-in to company vision and strategies. kc&b concept  provides vocational upgrades through certifications, apprenticeships, ongoing coaching and on the job training.

Our project leaders ensure that each of our team members is aware of the client and his/her needs. Professional communication and interaction are stressed and implemented.   

We encourage all prospective clients to meet with and “test drive” those within our organization who will have an impact on their project.