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project management

The team-based approach to Project management

From the minute a "lead" converts to a "project", the mechanics of our project management kick in to ensure contract deliverables are met.

After the preliminaries of design and financing are concluded, the organizing of sub trades (where required), dealing with suppliers, managing construction, arranging for inspections, processing change orders, communicating with the client, ensuring project documentation, billing, arranging for project hand over and related deficiency call backs are all part of the management process.

Project scheduling or the absence of it, can make or break a project, and therefore the underlying dream. Project progress reporting, job costing and budget accountability systems ensures each of the client, the lender, the owner and/or other stakeholder the required comfort levels.

Our state of the art ERP systems provide real time data for each team member whether in the administration stream or in the field. Through our years of project management history it is safe to say though that we have learned a great deal, we continually learn from every client that we deal with. Our pledge to you is to keep that going.