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Baldur Manitoba Coop

Completed Spring 2016

In an effort to continue providing the services that the community demands and deserves, Pembina Coop's Baldur site has embarked on an impressive expansion to further "Benefit the Members", as their Mission Statement declares.

kc&b has been busy the past few months erecting the new 100' by 70' dry fertilizer cold storage facility in Baldur Manitoba.

This metal clad, wood frame structure rests on an 8-foot-high concrete base specifically designed for the pressures and forces at play with such storage. Replacing some older and inefficient facilities, this new facility will have ample storage and blending capacities to meet user requirements.

Working at heights and constructing in a modular fashion has presented some challenges but kc&b is determined to meet the completion dates set out.

Rural Manitoba is alive and thriving and for evidence of this look no further than the Pembina Coops ambitious construction program in Baldur. 

kc&b is proud to have been considered for this project and wishes the Pembina Coop in Baldur all the success with the new facility. 

Click the image below and watch the last few roof sections being set into place. 

Project Achievements
Completed project on time and on budget.
Mitigated safety risks of elevated work conditions
Mild winter provided additional risks of icy conditions-successfully managed risks
Completed roof sections on the ground and successfully lifted into place.(12' x 82' spans)