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Century Home Renovation

September 2016

After an initial meeting at the Brandon Home and Leisure show and the clients presenting detailed sketches of their dreams and wishes for their century home, kc&b sat down and made arrangements to have these wishes come to life. The process of preparation and planning for another home renovation resulted in not only a new contract for the desired wishes, but even more importantly, a lasting friendship with this charming couple.

It is not always about building a new home but at times renovating an existing home to better accommodate retirement plans. A truly “custom home” with a familiar feel.

The requirements to add space for a new custom kitchen/dining room, complete with new cabinetry and floors as well as a new front entrance necessitated not only interior renovations but exterior renovations as well. In addition to this, major upgrades to windows, new central air conditioning, front door deck, stucco and exterior trim enhancements and all capped off with Flagstone sidewalks and additional landscaping.

While being shocked and saddened at Bills sudden death during this project, kc&b was honored to know and have known this couple and having had the privilege to be chosen for this project.

Project Achievements
Successful interpretation of client’s wishes
On time and on budget
Successful integration of existing exterior finishes with new additions (stucco, paint, decorative beams)
Maintaining integrity of existing space with new additions
Developed lasting relationships
- Throughout the reno’/project we valued the sound business ethics that permeate Kc&b -- our relationship became a working partnership as their dedication and willingness to provide a quality outcome led to an outstandingly successful completion and a remarkable end product transformation. - Eileen Paton
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