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Porterfield Road Residence

Fall 2012

With a well-considered design and floor plan in hand, the client approached kc&b concept to incorporate additional vitality and energy to their dream home plans. Using roof lines and window placement in addition to other kc&b features, the design was finalized and construction undertaken. Despite significant challenges (high water table), this rural property was completed to include geothermal energy and a sceptic waste system. With ongoing input from very knowledgeable clients, kc&b build completed the project in time for a "first Christmas" experience for some satisfied homeowners.

Project Achievements
project was completed on time and on budget
Front bungalow appeal, with bi-level view from rear basement windows
kc&b signature roof lines and design
12' front entry appeal with functional windows positioned in wide dormer
exterior rear and side retainer walls provide for stepped landscaping
We decided to build a house on some property that we acquired in the early spring of 2012. We looked around asked a few people that had built with other contractors in town. We learned that there were some that we should avoid and others that were pretty good. We came across kc&b at The Winter Fair one day and liked what we saw, so we made an appointment to meet with them. We were met with a friendly courteous team that was extremely helpful. We liked that they do as much of the work on their own without subcontracting too much. It didn't take long to decide that we wanted kc&b to build our house. They started building in early summer with a guaranteed completion date of December 1. We found that the crew was very professional and respectful of our wishes. The quality of the work is very high and they even managed to impress my father who is a retired home builder himself with EXTREMELY high standards. Along the way there were some problems that were encountered and there were some communication issues but even through the problems, the people at kc&b always kept a professional attitude and did their best to ensure we were happy with the process. Despite some significant issues that were outside everyone's control, they managed to complete the build on time. A year and a half later we are extremely pleased with the quality of the build and are loving our new home. - Kevin and Crystal
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