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Waverly Retrofit

Spring 2014

As the second owners of a ten year old home, a few changes to the look and feel of their dream home in a dream location seemed in order. Working closely with the design team of kc&b concept, a new kitchen and stair railing came together as desired. The completion of this project by kc&b build re-invigorated and revitalized the space to the delight of the homeowners. Fresh clear and crisp lines now define this active living space replacing the previous traditional and stayed look. 

Project Achievements
kept the project within budget and even added some change orders in along the way for the client!
"enlarged" the space with the use of glass railings
Modern and White, mission accomplished on achieving the look envisioned by the client!
amalgamated new look while facilitating existing features.
existing kitchen and stair railing was salvaged and privately resold.
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