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why choose P.E.B.???

Advantages of P.E.B. (Pre-Engineered Buildings)

Pre-engineered steel buildings (P.E.B.) are economical and suitable for many applications. Pre-engineered Metal Buildings or engineered metal buildings, are designed based on the customer’s requirements, building use and location.

Using a variety of framing solutions including rigid frame, straight column, multi span or lean-to, P.E.B's are as versatile and configurable as the end user need or imagination might be. Design considerations for our steel buildings include clear span distance, bay spacing, roof slope and orientation, collateral loads, local climatic loading, special deflection criteria requirements.

Design flexibility and design optimization can significantly reduce the weight of the steel used. Compared to conventional steel building construction the steel savings alone can exceed 30%. Couple that with the same type of savings in erection costs and the savings reality becomes clear.

P.E.B's can handle extremely large loads (cranes, HVAC, etc.) Clad with the latest in exterior finishes, they are more resistant to corrosion and are non-combustible.

A variety of options including insulated panels, façade features, lighting choices and the latest in design, ensures that whatever your need, be it commercial, industrial, agricultural, religious, aviation or other, kc&b steel in Brandon can match the perfect solution to that need.