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benefits of building with steel

Because steel is strong, sturdy and guaranteed to last, it is also a safer investment. 

When considering expansion to an existing operation or a new build entirely it becomes clear immediately that expansion typically equals expensive. Setting budgets and actually meeting them are two sides of a very different coin.

Enter the Rigid steel building.

Pre-engineered steel buildings (P.E.B.) have many fiscal advantages over traditional builds.
For starters, given standardized methodology and tools, P.E.B. can be designed and have approved drawings significantly quicker than conventional structural steel.

  • Additionally, about 30% lighter through efficient use of steel, P.E.B. are designed for the task at hand versus accommodating standard hot rolled steel sizing. 
  • Delivery time-P.E.B. 8 week delivery versus upwards of 5 -6 months for structural steel. 
  • P.E.B. erection costs less due to the "known" aspect of all details of assembly and erection.
  • Outstanding design and architecture for P.E.B. can be accomplished at low cost.
  • The "single source" of supply from the manufacturer/supplier (Rigid) places sole responsibility on one party versus multiple responsibility scenarios in structural steel erection.

These plus many more advantages give validation to the P.E.B. superiority in many applications.

Consider the benefits of building with steel for your upcoming requirements.