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design build steel

With the backing of 100 plus years of professional engineering services, our steel buildings are aesthetically pleasing and cost efficient.  

Design-Build uses a method of project delivery where only one entity, the design-build team, works directly with the owner of the project to provide both design and construction services. This is a single contract scenario with one entity carrying out the project from conception through to completion, and by doing this, integrating or re-integrating the roles of designer and constructor. kc&b steel, in cooperation with Rigid Steel, use this approach as an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build project delivery method. 

Rigid Global Buildings, a debt free, privately owned and operated business, has over 100 years of combined professional engineering services and thus well suited for any size and scope of project. In addition to professional design and engineering services, Rigid also manufactures all steel components including structural steel. This elevates the design-build concept even higher. Knowing that the designers, engineers and manufacturer are one and the same entity provides a wide array of benefits including aesthetic variety, design speed, construction speed, change management and so much more.

Using the design-build approach, the project owner no longer has to coordinate the design team and the contractor. Both the design team and the contractor now have a singular responsibility.