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sustainable steel

Green Building. Much more than just Energy Star compliant color coding of roof panels…………

Using an all-inclusive, start to finish process, Rigid Steel buildings redefine the concept of "Green" building. Using manufacturing processes, raw product sources, transportation of product to the jobsite, Energy Star approved colors and so much more all contribute to the overall efforts to be conscious of and compliant with acceptable sustainability practices.

Steel buildings are intrinsically "green" with the ability to recycle, repurpose and reuse the entirety of the structure. Couple this with the ability to incorporate green lawns or gardens on their rooftops and the concept of "green" is further redefined. Arguably one of the most sustainable structural materials found, steel has benefits too numerous to list exhaustively. Benefits include resource efficiency, safety, speed, consumer appeal, recyclability and adaptability answering many of the social, environmental and economic concerns of today's consumers.

Coupling the inherent sustainability of steel structures with alternative energy sources further enhances not only the environmental questions on "green" but the economic questions as well. kc&b steel can design and incorporate proven geothermal technologies into every Rigid steel building we supply and you get to reap the accumulated benefits-

.....letting everything breathe easier.

Use sustainable steel.