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steel building cost

"Own" your building…and experience ongoing savings.

Most recognize that the typical construction budget accounts for a very small percentage of the overall lifetime cost of actually owning/operating the steel building. Some say that the steel building cost as only 10%. Given this fact, what considerations need to be accounted for in the other potential 90% of your total building costs?

It is quite obvious that operational costs play a huge factor in the "total cost of ownership" of your new or existing steel building. Operational cost like heating, cooling, lighting and other general maintenance functions should, and in fact NEED to be considered as integral realities in any new steel construction.

kc&b steel, together with kc&b geoexchange have solutions to just such considerations. We have surrounded ourselves with experience and qualified professional expertise to propose and implement long term, cost saving measures that will significantly and positively impact the large operational components which are inherent in any structure.

Careful consideration and implementation at the right stage of construction can produce significant, ongoing and profitable returns during the lifespan of your new steel building. Every dollar invested on smart energy efficiency for your new building-will return handsome financial as well as environmental windfalls.