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Rigid Steel Buildings | Pre fab metal buildings

Make your choice with a "steely" resolve. 

While there are many pre-engineered pre fab metal building companies, few match Rigid steel buildings benefits. 

Delivering phenomenal customer service, affordability and quality, Rigid Steel building systems simply “deliver”.

Let’s take a look at all the ways you will benefit from choosing Rigid pre fab metal buildings.

Rigid steel buildings provide the following benefits, many of which are not included with other metal buildings:

  • Fast delivery in 6 – 8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design
  • Local, trustworthy and experienced dealer in Brandon, Manitoba
  • High-quality, weather-resistant, commercial-grade steel framing
  • Virtually unlimited design and sizing options to fit your specific needs
  • Pre-engineered to provide code specific tolerances, ultimate in strength, no waste
  • Designed to cut construction costs over convention builds by over 30%
  • Designed for easy expansion, remodeling if your needs change or increase over time
  • Manufactured and delivered to exacting tolerances to ensure quality control
  • Fast pricing estimates
  • Viable options to the traditional agricultural pole barn kits
  • Guaranteed product quality of your steel building.
  • Amazing resistance to mold, snow loads, winds, fire
  • Insurance incentives/discounts associated with the fire resistance etc. of a commercial grade facility
  • An eco-friendly green building system using up to 87% recycled material
  • Main components of the structure can be recyclable after the lifespan of the building
  • All components manufactured and shipped direct from supplier-no need to assemble components from multiple suppliers
  • Outstanding customer service from an international company

Rigid steel buildings, now available in Manitoba, are pre fab, pre-engineered solutions for every commercial, agricultural and industrial application under consideration. For every steel or metal building solution, contact kc&b steel in Brandon Manitoba to begin the discussion on your next steel building.