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Construction Management Services

Needing "Hands On" construction project oversight?

Construction Management Services refers to the role played by the entity responsible for the design, pre-construction, procurement, construction, post-construction and occupancy/warranty stages in a project life cycle. Managing construction projects draws from years of experience of not only physically building a structure but also the planning, mapping of processes and attention to detail that all construction projects deserve.  

kc&b concept can fill that role not only in an administrative capacity but a true “hands on” approach. A complete involvement in the project not only ensures owner satisfaction but an intimate understanding of the issues and therefor a real time ability to address emerging issues. Even though we may not be the onsite builder, we nevertheless ensure that your construction project is well managed from the earliest stages through closeout and commissioning.

Having established relationships with industry specialists from subcontractors to engineers, kc&b concept can ensure overall management driven by owner requirements and expectations. ISO 9001:2008 certification ensures adherence to quality process and procedure giving you the assurance of our commitment.