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How to Select the Right General Contractor

Demand accountability.

Finding the right general contractor for your new home build is crucial. Here are a few additional questions that you must ask prior to making the big commitment.

  • Can you give me a timeline?
  • Can you give me a firm start date and completion date? (Recognize that change orders and customer requests/delays impact time lines)
  • What guarantees can you give me?
  • Is the contractor enrolled in a nationally recognized New Home Warranty program? 
  • Will the contractor provide all necessary permits/approvals as dictated by local code & by-law authorities having jurisdiction? 
  • Pre-Project Planning! Are there questions that I should ask before we look at the details of a home?
  • Is the contractor able to suggest and refer you to innovative and creative financing solutions?
  • Are GST rebates to Builders asked for, and explained?
  • Are the implications of Land Transfer Taxes explained, before transactions happen or before the contract is signed?
  •  Is the payment schedule detailed and concise factoring in such things as CWO’s or PCN’s? (Change Work Orders)(Proposed Change Notices)
  • Does your contractor demand upfront payment or unrealistic payment not in keeping with actual work performed?

Asking these types of questions ensures you now have the attention of the contractor.

Always a good thing.