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New Home Construction Management

Contractor / Home owner trust. 

While undergoing a new home construction project or major home renovation and contemplating what to look for in a general contractor a few things need to be considered. In addition to some points mentioned in other posts on this site, the following list, though not exhaustive, can assist a prospective client in asking some questions of a potential general contractor.

  • What is the Management Structure of the Contracting firm or proprietorship?
  • Does the office look and feel well organized and well run?
  • Do they have an organized project management, project scheduling system?
  • Does the contractor have in house design professionals, who can respond quickly to issues or problems if and as they arise? If not, do they have a strong relationship with design professionals as sub-trades?
  • Does the contractor have and use a well-defined progress billing method that correlates to the progress advance structures used by your lenders?
  • Does the contractor have a qualified safety management system? Are they COR certified, and practicing best safety procedures? 
  • Does the contractor offer a registered 5 year structural home warranty program? Would the contractor mind, if you enquired about warranty claims or their standing with the Home Warranty Underwriter?

There are many other questions that must be asked prior to a relationship with a contractor. Pay close attention to how willing and open your contractor is to honestly communicate with you throughout the project. Home construction management is not to be taken lightly or entrusted to just anyone with a hammer and a good smile. Ask the tough questions up front, demand solid answers and lay the ground work for a positive experience building your home knowing that the trust you have placed in a general contractor is well considered.