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P.E.B... the fastest construction

Time really does equal money.

Whether the design is complex or one of the simplest, construction time for your pre-engineered steel building is markedly faster than any competing options. Up to 30% faster. With the old adage "time is money", faster erection speaks directly to your back pocket. Any extended time for the construction of your new building/facility cost dollars and cents.

But why is it less expensive? The short answer? There are simply less pieces at play. Steel possesses the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any and all building material. This one fact alone eliminates many traditional framing components. With today’s design and engineering programs, every ounce of efficiency is driven from steels potential and the result is solid, durable, dependable and efficient structures.

Wood construction requires labor intensive sizing, measuring and sawing which in turn consumes time and money. The manufacture direct supply of precise sized and fitted components, significantly reduces assembly and erection time on the job site.

To sum up, less material equals a stronger structure, shorter erection time, more durable structure and less headaches all around.