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Steel Building Basics

The "ribs" of the matter

Why does the pre-engineered steel building dominate in today’s agricultural, commercial, industrial and so many other markets?

To answer that question we should take a look at the individual components of the pre-engineered steel building structure. The primary support structure, when completely assembled, acts as a single unit transferring the weight of the entire completed steel building down and through to the foundation. Analogous to the ribs in our own bodies, the main frame columns and main frame rafters, (together with the connecting bolts etc.) act like the "ribs" of the steel buildings, carrying any additional weight that will be added later. The frame that is thus constructed and securely attached to the foundation, has sufficient strength and rigidity to support the entire structure.

Recent advances in technologies such as design software are dramatically reducing engineering time and manufacturing time all the while ensuring that the structure is not over engineered. This saves time in the planning and design stage and ensure efficient use of steel overall. The precision with which today’s technology can do the engineering and calculating of load requirements is paramount in creating efficiencies and material savings only dreamed of in years past.

And this answers the question of why the dominance of pre-engineered buildings in virtually all market sectors. Efficiency, accountability, durability and ultimately-savings.

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