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geothermal heat pump systems

Imagine a winter sidewalk free of snow and ice - without the need to shovel.

It’s true. With the many equipment options available, not only can you sell your snow shovel but keep the floor of your garage dry and warm as well.

Depending on the configuration, our geothermal heat pump systems can deliver radiant floor heating, provide domestic hot water, pool heating and condition your interior air. With long warranties, highly regulated construction processes, environmentally safe refrigerants, and professional and certified installation and service contracts, kc&b geoexchange delivers.

Our equipment comes with a powder-coated finish, full factory quality checks on every unit, configurable control locations, high efficiency scroll compressors, easy to use LED readouts, variable speed ECM blower motors (think super quiet and even comfort), drain pans to eliminate the possibility of condensate flooding, hot water assist (think free hot water in the summer), compressors mounted on double-isolation plates (quiet), and so much more. It is a new age and the geothermal equipment of today is not that of 25 years ago.

And finally, enjoy the backyard bar-b-que WITHOUT the aggravating and annoying sounds from the traditional air conditioner.

Your neighbors will thank you.