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Our Core Values

kc&b is deeply committed to drawing out the personal passions and qualities that are unique to each of our individual teammates. In so doing we are assisting in transferring that passion and expertise into each and every build that we undertake. In this way, our motto of "exceeding the customers' expectations" can be consistently realized.

Relationships: We build strong relationships with all of our stakeholders.

Design: We are focused on leveraging our design knowledge to create the best product possible,

Performance: As a team, we perform to the best of our individual and collective capabilities every day.

Transparency: We take responsibility for the decisions we make.

Better Living for all: We believe that the value of our building process can be made available across income levels.

kc&b's ongoing commitment to training, mentoring, coaching and performance appraisals ensures that we stay abreast of the needs of our teammates thereby ensuring ongoing commitment to the clients with whom we have entered into contract with.