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debunking geothermal myths about heating and cooling

Debunking the geothermal myths

Myth 1)  Geothermal installation and use requires years to see a financial benefit.

Fact-Financial benefits can be seen in as little as two years in many new home builds or retrofits.

Myth 2)  My small lot in the city is too small for the loop installation.

Fact-Depending on the site, the loop can be buried vertically meaning little above ground surface is needed.

Myth 3)  Geothermal heat pumps are noisy.

Fact-These systems are VERY quiet with NO outside equipment to bother neighbors.

Myth 4)  Geothermal systems will wear out.

Fact-The earth loops themselves last generations while the heat pumps and all equipment is indoors and protected from the environment. Reliable equipment and long warranty periods quells the fears for the homeowner.

Myth 5)  Geothermal system are limited to heating your inside air

Fact-These systems can be designed to heat water, your pool, melt sidewalks, radiant in floor heat and more

Myth 6)  Geothermal system use a lot of water

Fact-Geo systems actually use no water. Heat is simply transferred passively eliminating great quantities of water potentially wasted in commercial cooling towers.

Myth 7)  Geothermal systems are not considered renewable energy.

Fact-While technically correct (some electricity must be used to power the pumps) only one unit of electricity is used to move up to five units of cooling or heating to a building.