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Multi-Family Geothermal Design

Summer 2013

Kc&b concept was commissioned for a feasibility study to plan, design and engineer a full geothermal system in a twenty four unit condo. The design called for individual geothermal units in each suite, full redundant ground loop system as well as hydronic, in floor heating for the indoor parking garage. Requirements dictated that heat loss/heat gain and airflow to be calculated per suite and units designed and sized for the specifics of each suite. The results were presented for possible inclusion in future builds.

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Project Achievements
project was completed on time and on budget
presentation was made to the client for consideration
efficient design of Reverse Return ground loops and building circuits proves cost effective
single variable speed Loop pump with a secondary back-up, provides 100% redundancy
each unit, varies considerably in heat loss heat gain, therefore various unit sizes are accommodated in design.
design will accommodate either vertical, horizontal or hybrid loop configurations.
combination of forced air and hydronics used to blend highest efficiencies and function within a multi-faceted project.