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South Grove Condos Geo

Spring 2013

Putting our action to the words we had long expounded, kc&b geoexchange took the bold step and implemented a full sub-division with geothermal implementation. With a long history of successful installs, and great acceptance from former clients, the time was right for such an undertaking. This bold step has proven the viability of alternate technologies while providing environmental sustainability, home owner comfort and long-term substantial energy savings. We are not only committed to educating on practical energy solutions but implementing them as seen with this intrepid venture.

Project Achievements
project was successfully completed as to initial requirements
10 year warranty supplied on main geo unit, 5 yr. on components
independent closed vertical ground loops installed in very limited green spaces
geothermal service contracts offered to all units
certified heat loss/heat gain provided for each unit
certified design and installation of all aspects of air circulation and delivery
first 100 % Geothermal sub-division in Manitoba
promoted geothermal component using the PIE approach-great assist in marketing the project
kc&b geoexchange showcase