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Additional uses | Hydronic Floor Heating.

The savings pile up. 

Radiant Floor Heating.  Instead of using a conventional boiler in your home to heat water and pipe it through your flooring, geothermal systems, using a water-to-water heat pump, can pass this earth energy through strategically placed pipes in your floors to provide the ultimate in radiant in floor heating

Additional uses include hot water heating, snow melt applications, and even heating your pool. A desuperheater is part of a geothermal heat pumps domestic hot water generating system that "exchanges" the earths heat and deposits it directly into your domestic hot water tank. Couple this with a concept called "Drain Water Heat Recovery" which collects the remaining energy from household waste water and you can see the energy saving potential of these systems.

Since this heat from inside of your home was going to be rejected (thrown away) into the earth anyway, putting it into your hot water tank instead is free. The only cost for the summer water heating is the small cost of running the circulating pump that moves the water.