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Geothermal Energy Advantages - Bank the Savings

Under-utilizing the benefits.   

The 2nd most common mistake in new home construction. Under-utilizing the benefits realized. 

Saving is only saving if that is what you actually do with it!

Say you save $75.00 monthly on energy costs using your new Geothermal heat pump system. While the $75.00 figure is realistic in some cases, in actual fact, this can vary considerably and generate more substantial monthly savings. What will you be doing with this "savings"? Purchasing some new tools, shoes or another night out? Considering the cost of geothermal installation, wouldn't it be just prudent to capture all related energy usage savings and make it work overtime for you?

To maximize the full geothermal energy advantages let's harvest the true value by using these saving strategically. If placed back against your initial mortgage, monthly energy savings of a properly sized and designed Geothermal system can take four or five years off of a 25 year mortgage -and this is in addition to the amazing heating and cooling comfort your new system will be providing. At all times, but specifically in an era of uncertain energy costs, this is an option with a very "real world" consequence.

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