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Design and sizing a geothermal system - ducting.

Does ductwork "sizing" really matter?

When asking the question of how to install a geothermal heating and cooling system a few factors come into play. 

Heat loss/Heat gain, air flow, loop type and size, static pressure, CFM, duct design.

These are important topics that needs to be addressed in a properly designed air delivery system.

Sizing a geothermal system extends not only to the ground loops but the interior ductwork as well. This can be overlooked and treated with less importance than it needs to be especially when considering a geothermal system in a major home renovation. 

Since Geo systems typically produce lower air temperatures, a higher volume of this air needs to be circulated. This needs to be done quietly and efficiently. Not something done when the ductwork and outlet placements are not designed to exacting standards. If the ducting is too small, the air movement will be to slow adding to inefficient energy usage. Adding more speed to the blower does not sufficiently address this issue since this simply lowers the system's efficiency.

Proper, customized design will address this issue. Using licensed professionals will ensure your geo system loops and in-house components are sized for your exact conditions thus ensuring the full advantages of cost and comfort that this technology can provide for you.