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Cost of Geothermal Installation

Financial Incentives

Currently the MGEIP, Manitoba Geothermal Energy Incentive Program provides qualified homeowners up to $5000.00 incentives to offset the cost to install geothermal energy in new or existing homes. Additionally, eligible commercial geothermal installations and District/Community Geothermal Systems can qualify for substantial tax incentives for installations as well.

To date, over 1000 Manitobans have shared incentives of over 3 million dollars to help mitigate the cost of geothermal installation. Manitoba Hydro as well has programs in place to assist in retrofits and new installs in the form of affordable financing.

kc&b geoexchange has all the current details on incentive programs to offset the cost to install geothermal as well as providing assistance in the application process itself thus making it easier for homeowners to take advantage of programs available to them.

kc&b geoexchange is a member of Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance.   All MGEA members must adhere to the Code of Practice, meet standards and be a member in good standing