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Geothermal Home Renovations

Is geothermal heating and cooling a viable option in home renovation?

Typically thought of as an option for new custom home building only, advances and changes to technology and methods, adding the geothermal heat pump option to a major (or minor) home renovation is a good choice. Heating and cooling remains one of the top considerations for comfort and utility costs.

A detailed explanation of what geothermal energy is and how it works can be found here and in this short article we can see the cost benefits in a typical residential geothermal installation. Operational costs are undeniable, increased comfort levels proven, technology advancements ongoing with real value added to the home in which it is installed.

If your home is 20 years old or older you may be at the stage where consideration needs to be given to upgrade or even replace your current heating and cooling system. An experienced dealer can assess the viability of upgrading. Given the efficiency of geothermal heat pumps and the significant operational costs to maintain and/or replace an inefficient heating system-this is a decision not taken lightly.

Retrofits of heating/cooling systems during renovations is viable. This decision needs to make sense at every level, not the least of which is the financial level. kc&b geoexchange has experience in this and all the tools necessary to assist the homeowner in making the decision based on all the specific factors.

If you currently own a house that is in need of renovations, consider the big picture carefully and see if a change to geothermal heat pump energy is a consideration with value.