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Construction Project Management Technology

The latest "tool" in our belt.

Constantly looking for ways to differentiate ourselves and enhance the offerings we provide to our clients, in 2013 kc&b implemented a Construction Project Management Technology platform. 

What this has enabled us to do is bring together the many different tools (software, paper based, processes, etc.) that we formerly used to manage a construction project under one umbrella so that all aspects of your project could be monitored and managed through one portal much more efficiently.

The product allows us to increase mobility, efficiency and profitability. A secure cloud based solution allows for accessibility across all platforms and locations. Your project information is not restricted to a certain file in the office but rather, our staff have access as needed to this information wherever they happen to be.

Tailored specifically for the construction industry, this platform allows for real time project information enabling us to manage all job costing, change orders, accounting, invoicing, scheduling, information sharing, reporting, contact management, lead management and so much more. This change has provided us the opportunity to apply our skills directly into the management of your specific project.

While software is only a tool, in the same way a hammer is, it has a specific role which adds another powerful layer to the promise of "on time" and quality product we commit to each one of you.

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