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Is the cost of installing geothermal prudent?

What is your PIE cost? Do you want your PIE, and eat it too?

When contemplating the purchase of a new vehicle most of us will ask "what is the price"? What we are really asking is what “will the monthly payment actually be”! And then, right next to that question, we will calculate and ask what the fuel consumption will be? Why is that important? Because the payment, and the gas, come out of the SAME PAYCHECK!

Likewise, when you are buying a home, or qualifying for home financing, the monthly payment is most often more important than the contract price. Why is it that so few customers ask, what the energy costs will be for this home, on a monthly, or annual basis? The answer -- Because the contractor may not know!

I don’t know about you, but if every car on the dealership lot has a big KM/Liter sticker on the passenger window, why is there no energy cost sticker on the home window? Answer: because you didn’t ask the question!

Home energy systems come with a price. The cost of installing geothermal, natural gas, electric or any of the other energy alternatives, as well as the ongoing operational costs can quickly add up---and keep adding up over the years.  It should be only natural for all potential home owners to ask that simple question--BEFORE you make a long lasting decision. The cost of installing geothermal as well as the ongoing geothermal energy costs are something that should be contemplated for every new building design, home build, or major renovation prior to assuming that the status quo will do. 

PIE (Principal, Interest & Energy cost) of your new home CAN be determined in advance in the same way mileage and total cost of ownership can be determined for a new car. kc&b build can and will provide you with this information and empower you to make the right decisions during a new home design consideration. Why take a chance on that?

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